What is it?

Indian Head massage is based on the ancient Ayurvedic healing system and has been passed down through families for over a thousand years. Traditionally it focused on the head (as the name might suggest!), but it has been adapted to accommodate our modern, western lifestyle and also incorporates the neck, shoulders arms and upper back. It can be relaxing, uplifting, energising or grounding. We’ll have a quick consultation before we start to discuss how you would like to feel.

What should I expect?

Indian head massage is seated and can be done on an ordinary chair. It doesn’t require a lot of space and lends itself well to being portable. It can be done clothed and without oil, making it perfect for an afternoon break when you need to go back to the office afterwards!

There will be a short consultation but it will typically focus on upper back and shoulder, arms, hands, neck, head and face.

How much does it cost?

1 hour = £50   (discount available for NHS, teachers, carers and those in the caring profession)

Other length time slots available

Discount for bookings of 2 hours or more (e.g. office on-site visits, pamper days etc.)

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